Slava Makarkin - music producer, engineer, mixer, and writer 

 who currently resides in Chicago, Illinois. He moved to United States from Kiev, Ukraine in 2007. 

 Slava started his music journey at the age of eight, when he entered the music school for piano studies. At 15, after finishing the music school he began working with local bands as a keyboardist, arranger and song-writer.  


 Arranging and producing brought Slava to the studio work. After several years working with small studios he was invited to "Kruz Records" studio in Kiev where he met and began working with Ani Lorak and other famous artists. Slava Makarkin participated in 6 albums of Ani Lorak as an arranger, music producer and co-writer. Also he was a performing keyboardist and a director of Ani Lorak band from 2003 to 2007.  



Besides Ani Lorak, Slava Makarkin worked with many famous Ukrainian artists such as Maria Burmaka, Mika Newton, Assia Akhat, Four Kings, Vlad Tsvetaev...

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In 2007 Slava Makarkin moved to the United States where he continued his music way. After a period of adaptation, Slava started his own studio and music production company "SlaMak Production". Now he works as a musical and recording producer with several developing artist such as John Hill, Triple Heat, Lily Galin, Inessa, Adrian Ros, Vera Clay and others.  ​